I had the pleasure of photographing this lovely couple while they await their 4th child! This family is adorable and completely blessed! We started at their home, and got some amazing shots.  We then went to the beach; and can I say this soon to be momma was one brave woman! She bared it all in the coldest windiest of days and it payed off! We got some great shots that I love!

_MG_7052eweb _MG_7058eweb _MG_7061ebwbww _MG_7095ebwbww _MG_7096eweb _MG_7097ebwbww _MG_7123ebwbww _MG_7147ebwbww _MG_7156ebwbww _MG_7179eweb _MG_7189eweb _MG_7192eweb _MG_7197eweb _MG_7227eweb _MG_7238eweb _MG_7245eweb _MG_7267eweb _MG_7270ebwbww

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