Halloween Parade

Every year I volunteer to shoot the Safe Harbor Credit Union parade for the kiddos and their families in Ludington, MI. This year they set up a spooky area and here are a few of my favorite images from that whirlwind photo opportunity!

A day in the park!

This gorgeous couple have been together for 10 years WOW! We hit the park and I tagged along for a picnic…. spit some watermelon seeds. What a blast; these two were such a riot! Then I followed them off to the beach…Gorgeous weather and beautiful session!

Another amazing session with Hannah

Over this past weekend I had another great session with Hannah.  We met Downtown Grand Rapids at the B.O.B. They were great enough to let us use the Eve among other locations to photograph. Hannah brought a friend and we got to work; a few outfit changes and walking all over the B.O.B and downtown …