A little about me….Hmm..Where to start?

It is a well known fact that art and creativity have always been a passion and a bloodline for me.  I truly believe that through Photography and Art you are able to see and feel the beauty and wonder of the world and the people that are so apart of it. I love making connections. I feel photography shows connections and allows new ones to spark.

If I am not photographing the world around me, you will find me raising my 4 ambitious, exuberant, and thrill seeking children. They keep me on my toes and keep me grounded. I work for inpatient drug and alcohol rehabilitation center and are currently working to finish my BSN. I’m a busy momma that loves to keep others in my world!

I am a huge nature lover. Another well known bit of trivia for you …I would take being outside gardening, or walking trails over any indoor activity (dishes and laundry especially).

I would love to photograph your special memories….

Lets Chat!

Danielle Mulholland



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