Wowsers! Gender reveal offers a huge surprise!

I got the call, my cousin wanted a  photoshoot.  I was a little stoked.  I love my family and rarely have a chance to see them.  So I was pretty excited just to be apart of the fun! over the next couple weeks, I spoke to D.J. about details, and the time they had chose….it was getting close.  They were having a baby, and I was gonna be able to photograph all the surprise and love that comes with finding out the gender of the baby.  Then I got another call.  He prefaced the call with saying they just left the doctors office. My mind began to wander and make out these sad stories and my heart began to sink.  I could only come up with the worse case scenario.  It only took like 2 seconds I am sure…but it felt like an eternity.  He then came to tell me….IMG_8215WEB

oh yeah baby.  They are having twins.  twin boys….IMG_7833WEB

Yes that is blue silly string.  The family had so much fun spraying the expected kiddos a little too much.  There was so much excitement, the energy was so incredible.  There was so many tears, smiles, hugs, screams and most of all love floating around that backyard that day.  As I sit here, I cannot help but feel so lucky to have been able to be apart of this event with D.J.  Love you big guy!

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