_MG_0042ebwwWhat you should know about a Maternity Photo Session!

So maternity photo sessions aren’t your thing huh? I beg to differ… You may feel blah, and not your photographic best; but you are glowing, and this is a great way to remember and your child to be will love these photos of you when they are older.  They may cherish it.  You do do not have to have a styled cliche’ session. You can have a “lifestyle” session as well.  Below are some tips to accomplish the best maternity session for you.

So hand hearts on belly not your thing?!


Great! I enjoy lifestyle sessions.  We can set up a session that follows a day in your life, with your partner and existing children. Go to the park, walk, cuddle time i.e. have fun with it and get some great momentos to cherish for the following years to come.

Wait and have your belly shot right between 28 and 34 weeks.

You want to showcase the belly before 28 weeks it may be too small to showcase; after 34 weeks you may be too uncomfortable and tire easily. You want to enjoy this experience and get the best shots ever!

Wear what you are comfortable in.



You will want to wear something cute and comfortable…If you aren’t comfortable it will show in the photos. If you dare to bare the bump; wear loose fitting, not elastic clothing; they will leave marks that are hard to hide in the photos..


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